Restoring, Preserving & Educating

CORA will play a critical role in both restoring and maintaining the natural environment and habitat.

Promoting conservation values as an exemplar model, CORA has committed to:

  • Dedicate 265 acres of the site to conservation
  • Plant an additional 30,000 trees
  • Improve flows to Lake Modewarre
  • Obtain LEED Platinum accreditation


Creating Habitat & Enhancing Biodiversity

The conservation precinct seeks to facilitate the restoration and conservation of the wetland through the removal of livestock and man-made structures from the floodplain and the revegetation of the precinct to create habitat, enhance local biodiversity and restore natural land systems and natural water regimes.

Native Bee Sanctuary

Benefitting Pollinators & People

Australia is home to 1,700 species of native bees that are integral to the survival of Australia’s natural ecosystems. CORA’s Native Bee Sanctuary will be the largest purpose-built haven for native bees. It will be an immersive spatial experience as well as a live learning environment for both students and visitors.